Team and Advisors

The Galileo Protocol is backed by talented professionals with diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in their respective fields. The team's collective expertise, combined with the guidance and support from knowledgeable advisors, ensures the successful development and growth of the project. This section introduces the core team members, their relevant experience, and an overview of the advisors and their contributions to the Galileo Protocol.

Core Team Members and Their Relevant Experience

Pierre Beunardeau serves as the Founder and CEO of the project, bringing a wealth of experience from his background in marketing and direct sales in institutional companies. He also has a strong interest in IT, digital marketing, and web 3.0, and has developed multiple businesses in these areas.
Nathaniel Debache, the Founder and COO of the Galileo Protocol, holds a master's degree in finance and is passionate about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, finance, and web 3.0. As a front-end developer, he has bootstrapped several web development businesses, bringing valuable technical expertise to the project.
Jérôme Schmid is the Chief Administrative Officer of Galileo Protocol, ensuring that the company's legal and administrative operations run smoothly. Ines Bechraoui is the Community Manager of Galileo Protocol, responsible for engaging with the community and fostering a strong sense of community within the protocol's ecosystem.
Thomas Bambini is the Art Ambassador and Oil Painting Artist of Galileo Protocol, bringing a unique artistic perspective to the protocol and helping to promote the importance of tokenising luxury goods.
Nagato is the Marketing consultant of Galileo Protocol, bringing a wealth of marketing experience to help promote the protocol to a wider audience.
Faisal Kaleem is the Head of the Blockchain Department of Galileo Protocol, responsible for the human resources development and implementation of the protocol's blockchain technology. Sanjay is experienced and dedicated IT professional with a passion for blockchain technology. As the Block IT Leader at Galileo Protocol, he oversees the development and implementation of the company's blockchain-based solutions, ensuring that they are reliable, secure, and efficient.
Mobeen Jalib is the Technical Project Manager of Galileo Protocol, ensuring that the protocol's technical development runs smoothly and efficiently.
Abdullah Sattar is the Team Lead Blockchain of Galileo Protocol, responsible for overseeing the development of the protocol's blockchain technology.

Advisors and Their Contributions to the Project

Yannick Beunardeau is a senior advisor with 30+ years of experience in the airlines and airports industry. He specialises in business strategy and development for airports, airlines, aeronautics, and travel management. As SVP of Airport & Airline Operations at Amadeus, he prioritises customer satisfaction and has helped over 200 companies grow with Amadeus' IT solutions. Yannick is a valuable asset to the Galileo Protocol's advisory team.
The combined expertise and experience of the Galileo Protocol team and advisors are instrumental in shaping the project's development and growth. By leveraging their knowledge and skills, the Galileo Protocol is well-positioned to achieve its objectives and revolutionise the luxury goods and real-world asset tokenisation landscape.

Promoting Project Success Through Clear Expectations and Obligations

The Galileo Advisor Agreement, composed of an Advisor Contract and a Service Contract, clarifies the expectations and obligations of advisors to promote project success. As independent contractors, advisors have more flexibility than traditional employment, with the Service Contract outlining their start date and weekly responsibilities.
Advisors must work for at least three months, receiving an initial 10% LEOX payout after completion, followed by a vesting schedule. Termination before three months or non-compliance may result in withheld LEOX payouts. Governed by Swiss law, the Agreement aims to create a transparent and mutually beneficial relationship, fostering collaboration for the project's long-term success.